Your Athlete Ice Bath Just Went Portable

Up quick, recover quick, on your way quick.



Hijack a human survival mechanism to increase your athletic performance.  

Get Cool

No matter where you train and compete Cryotub quickly inflates to immerse your athletes in performance enhancing ice water then simply deflates, rolls up and gets you on your way. Research has shown ice water immersion reduces inflammation and swelling which promotes athlete recovery. The results translate into better performances the following day.

Stay Strong

Good athletes have the strength to reach a high level of performance. Exceptional athletes can do it over and over. This seeminly super-human feat requires the ability to push past the competition. Without drugs or intervention of any kind, Cryotub makes regaining peak power stolen by fatigue not only possible but easy.

Demand More

World class athletes demand more from their bodies. Recovery is the often forgotten, unsexy aspect of pushing those boundaries. If you want to stand among the best athletes in your sport, you need a clear vision of what you demand from yourself. Cryotub is ready to help you push towards that vision.



Every month thousands of people ask the same few ice bath questions hundreds of different ways. If you are like most, you want to know the who, what, where, when and why of ice water immersion.  

Here is your quick easy science-based report to help you understand what ice water immersion can do for you.  

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Easy, Effective Recovery

Discover what the world’s best trainers and thousands of shivering but satisfied Cryotub athletes already know.