Cryotub™ fully immerses the biggest linemen in ice water or accommodates 4-6 runners kneeling to ice hips, thighs, calves & feet.  

Have a question or need delivery unbelievably quick? Open a chat on this page and tell us about your requirements. We’ve sent Cryotubs to hotels, stadiums and even airports.  

Inflated Cryotub Specification  

• Footprint Dia: 58"  

• Inside Dia: 48"  

• Depth: 26"  

• Functional Capacity: 100 Gallons  

Deflated Cryotub Specification  

• Drained Weight: 19 lbs  

• Rolled Size: Airline Carry-On  

Champions Leverage Every Advantage.  

Do You?  

Since you are already here we don’t need to convince you that ice water immersion works. You just need to see how Cryotub makes using it simple, easy and extremely effective.  

Discover What the Best In Your Sport Already Know  

Get Cool  

Cryotub Pro Mark II unlocks the body's natural recovery reflex. Published research has shown ice water immersion speeds recovery and improves athletic performance.  

Stay Strong  

Now you can easily assist your athletes in regaining peak power. It’s crucial to winning games and hitting training goals.  

Demand More  

Sitting in ice water (on purpose) tells us you are all about performance. Not everyone has what excellence demands. You are here so…(virtual)high five!  

“They asked. We listened. You win. You’re welcome.”  

We listened to our customers feedback.  

Here are 4 new features propelling Pro Mark II past all other options out there including our previous model:  

1. Dual Channel Valve Caps - When time is ticking on the clock you get a perfect hassle-free inflation level every time. 2. Flash Drain - If you need to keep to a schedule you are going to love the time saving geyser that opens after your treatments are complete. 3. Cap Shepherd - all valve caps are right where you need them ... WHEN you need them. 4. Rhino Welds - PVC has been upgraded and welding technology reinforced to survive the rigors of what you do. Seasons are starting and stock is limited! DO NOT go another season without your inflatable ice bath recovery edge.  

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